Free Video Series with Gregg Braden

Living from the Heart: The Next Step in Evolution

  • Your innate extraordinary ability to access super-learning, self-healing, and deep states of intuition
  • A simple process to tap into your heart’s wisdom for better decision making
  • New discoveries that are overturning the last 150 years of scientific thinking
  • How to tune your brain and heart to create health and resilience
  • The importance of merging modern science and ancient wisdom to create a sustainable path forward
  • A powerful process to help you identify the source of your limiting beliefs and change them

In this first free video, you’ll discover:

  • How the answer to one simple question directs every choice we make
  • How we develop the answer to this question and how it affects our lives
  • Why we need to marry the best of science with the best of spirituality
  • That you are much more than you’ve ever been told

Take the video journey with Gregg as he explains: 

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