• How to harness and transform positive life-force energy (chi) to create harmony within your home and life
  • How your house is a conscious expression of your internal self, and how to understand what it’s trying to tell you
  • Techniques for making improvements in your home to cultivate balance
  • The three key things to look for when choosing or moving home, and why you should always go with your intuition
  • Amazing case studies illustrating the life-changing magic of feng shui
  • How to perform an intuitive assessment of your home and identify areas for improvement with a bonus worksheet

In this free feng shui masterclass, you will learn...

  • Your home manifests your story and reflects what’s going on in your life
  • Feng shui gives you the power and security to truly control changes in both your home and in specific parts of your life
  • To read and understand a home through looking at furniture and décor, using practical techniques 
  • You can start making small changes that will lead to profound personal transformations

In this first free video, Davina explains how feng shui brings magic into every day of her life. She'll show you how:

Davina MacKail, BA Hons, RGN, DFSNI, is an author, practicing shaman and feng shui expert dedicated to empowering others to help themselves.

She discovered feng shui when working in Hong Kong and China in the early 1990s and holds a professional diploma in the Practise and Spirit of Feng Shui.

Besides running a busy practice for private and business clients, Davina teaches workshops and for many years ran the Advanced Feng Shui course for Channel 5’s House Doctor, Anne Maurice. She is the ‘healthy home’ expert for a number of independent companies, and has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Eve magazine,

Good Housekeeping and on ITV’s This Morning.

About Davina MacKail

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