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The book explores how to:

  • Cultivate the invisible energies in your home for health, wealth and happiness
  • Let go of emotional attachments to unwanted possessions and clear clutter for good
  • Use feng shui to remedy specific problems in your life, such as adapting the artwork and décor in your home to overcome feelings of stagnation in your career
  • Know what to look for when finding a home and how to sell a home easily

Founded on ancient wisdom, feng shui is a system for creating balance and harmony in our lives through the positive flow of energy around our homes.

Would you love to be able to make your house a home – a sanctuary that you love and that supports you? Do specific areas of your life feel stuck or out of control? Feng shui offers a magical solution: through changing your relationship with your home, you can enable harmony and balance to enter every part of your life.

Your home is an outward expression of your internal self, and through adopting feng shui you are choosing to begin an amazing journey of transformation, empowerment and discovery. Inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom and now practiced throughout the modern world, feng shui can help you to connect to your home energetically, unblock areas of your life where you feel trapped or stuck, and help you reassert balance and control in your world. The Feng Shui eBook by Davina MacKail will introduce you to the philosophy and practice of feng shui, and offer expert advice so that you can start implementing changes to your home and life straight away.

  • Through balancing and harmonizing the energy flow in your home, you will feel empowered, comfortable and in control of changes within your life.  
  • Learn to trust in your intuition and make quick, intelligent choices to combat difficult issues and maximize beneficial situations.
  • Identify, target and improve specific aspects of your life such as wealth, relationships or career through bespoke feng shui remedies and cures.
  • Free yourself and trapped energies from emotionally draining clutter, and use amazing organizational strategies to set positive, powerful intentions for the future.
  • Cultivate your living space as a sanctuary; through changing your relationship with your home, you will change your relationships with yourself and others.

How Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

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