Discover the network of seven energy centers that form a vertical column in your body, and learn how they can offer a powerful system for healing and awakening to personal growth. The chakras help us to focus on goals clearly and, by learning to recognize the patterns of our world, we can reach a place of clarity and deep wisdom.

This course offers a complete guide to understanding, working with and developing your connection to your chakra system. The three lowest chakras relate to our personal relationship to self; we then focus our attention on our relationship with others in the central chakras; and eventually we are ready to enter the more refined state of consciousness of the upper chakras.

This exclusive online course includes:

  • Seven video lessons with the world’s leading expert on the chakras
  • Learning about the developmental stage of each chakra  
  • How to recognize excessive and deficient chakras
  • Practical exercises and simple yoga poses to help you
    balance each chakra
  • Downloadable worksheets to take your learning further 


 Anodea Judith is the world’s bestselling author and foremost expert on the chakras. She has taught all over the world and written seven books. She is renowned for her expertise at interpreting the chakra system and making it not only relevant, but also profoundly therapeutic for the hectic Western lifestyle.

This course will encourage you to make deep and profound changes by using the chakra system as a lens through which you look at life, as a way to relate to other people and as a way to connect with higher levels of consciousness. It will encourage you to examine your beliefs, open up your awareness and reach new levels of understanding.

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1. The Root Chakra

Begin your chakra journey by getting in touch with your root chakra, which develops during early infancy and represents survival. It connects us to the earth and encourages us to ground our body, appreciate it as a sacred temple and develop deep roots before embarking on our spiritual journey. Learn how to create more harmony and feel safer and more secure in your physical body with some simple grounding exercises.

2. The Sacral Chakra

Chakra two is all about learning to move with the ebb and flow of life. We want to be able to shift our bodies with ease and grace and keep things moving forwards freely in our lives. This chakra is also linked to discovering polarities, trying something different and moving towards pleasure. By embracing what we enjoy, and making sure that life is a pleasant experience, we will have the courage to fully explore what feels right or wrong for us. 

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra relates to the internal organs, and is the engine that fills us with vitality, fire, strength of will and our true power. It helps to steer our lives and gives us the energy to keep going during difficult times. Exercises to unblock stuck energy and light the fires of your power will help you to find balance, and bring your intention and your energy together so that you have the will to get things done.

Discover the sacred realm of the heart and the meeting of inside and outside, self and other, experiencing and expressing love – which brings us one step closer to unity. This is the chakra where we connect to our breath to find balance and peace. By learning to heal the heart from the hurts we have all experienced, and practicing heart-opening exercises to find self-love, we can relate to other people with more intimacy and authenticity, to bring us closer to love.

4. The Heart Chakra

Learn to explore the throat chakra by letting sound out, expressing yourself and finding freedom from toxic situations. Sound, as a way to communicate, is important in this chakra – every sound and vibration has an impact on us and using sound to communicate effectively makes our personal relationships stronger. By finding your voice and speaking the truth you will find your way to harmony and resonance.

5. The Throat Chakra

Light and sight are key to the third-eye chakra – seeing with our intuition, imagination and even our dreams, and having a vision for our lives. This is the first of the transpersonal chakras – where we start to transcend and detach from our daily life to look at the world from a wider perspective, which the exercises in this lesson will help you to achieve.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

7. The Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is where we can expand and raise our consciousness, transcending everything that distracts us in everyday life to reach the realm of the infinite, rather than living in the finite. Learning to sit in meditation is a powerful way to access the seventh chakra, and will keep your mind clean and help you go deeper and move towards experiencing states of divine transcendence.


Each chakra is associated with a specific type of energy, and if you address your life at the level of each chakra, you will find a recipe for complete wholeness and a map for the journey of your life. Learn what it means to have an excessive or deficient chakra – and how this may affect you in everyday life – with some practical exercises to get you started on your journey of chakra awareness.

Lesson Summary

Learning Materials & Bonuses

Drawing Your Chakras

Anodea demonstrates how she draws her own chakras, and shows how you too can use this practice as a valuable self-awareness exercise.

Audio Meditations

In-depth practical multi-page worksheets that you can print out to refer to whenever you need.


In addition to more than 3 hours of videos, Anodea has recorded two powerful audio meditations to help you raise your consciousness.

Own the Introduction to the Chakras Online Course and revisit it as often as you like!

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