This comprehensive introductory guide to astrology from renowned astrologer, author and columnist Yasmin Boland will help you discover:

  • How to read and understand your birth chart
  • How the planets, the signs of the zodiac, the houses and the aspects relate to each other
  • The talents and challenges you were born with
  • How to connect better with other people through knowing how to read their charts.

In this free astrology video series, you'll learn :

  • How to understand your star sign, and other people’s, in new ways that reveal quickly and easily whether two signs are compatible.
  • About your moon sign and what it tells you about your feelings, emotions, instincts and what you need in order to feel good.
  • What you can find out from knowing how to read a birth chart and why this knowledge will be an invaluable way to understand yourself at a much deeper level.

In this free video, Yasmin Boland will teach you:

  • Fresh insights about all twelve of the zodiac signs.
  • About the subcategories the signs fall into – the Elements and the Quadruplicities – which give you two extra layers of knowledge about all the sun signs.
  • Who you are likely to get along with – or potentially clash with, using these subcategories.