Reduce Anxiety

Completely transform how you deal with difficult situations by mastering energy healing tools to use whenever you start to feel anxious.

This exclusive and very special bundle provides you with everything you need to start practising energy healing on yourself right away: 

1. The complete eBook of the Hay House Basics guide to Energy Healing

2. Two free video taster sessions showing you simple techniques using energy healing to deal with:

  • Anxiety and nervousness when you have something intimidating in the diary
  • Negative energy from other people that leaves you feeling drained

Make Better Choices

Learn to trust your intuition, use your energy to receive ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to important questions, choose joy over sadness and wellbeing over stress.

Do you suffer from anxiety, feel like your emotions control you, get exhausted easily or have a low tolerance for the people around you? Energy healing has the solutions.

Take Control of Your Life

Feel stronger, more present and more like the true you, by learning to expand your life force and connect to high vibrational healing energy.

In this book, energy healer and psychotherapist Abby Wynne explains the basic concepts of energy healing and gives you exercises and techniques so that you can get started right away. 

You don’t have to look outside for someone to help you heal – now you can take the first steps yourself. 

This 200-page ebook will show you how to:

  • Bring healing into your everyday activities
  • Ground and centre yourself so that you feel calmer and more balanced
  • Send energy healing to loved ones and different places
  • Release heavy energies, such as sadness, anger and grief, and open to healing light

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have simple techniques to help you when particular situations make you feel anxious, nervous or overwhelmed?

In this short video, learn how to:

  • Visualize your energy so that you can manipulate it to help you
  • Work with your subconscious and the natural resources of your body to control anxiety
  • Increase your energy levels so you feel positive about taking on any challenge

Other people, including those we love, can sometimes drain our energy and leave us feeling depleted and unable to get on with our day. 

This short video will teach you:

  • An energy clearing exercise to release heavy energy
  • How to feel clearer, lighter and able to say ‘no’ when necessary
  • How you can make better decisions and rediscover your enthusiasm for life

Abby is a psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher and an internationally published author. She combines her skills to help others heal and solve their problems. Abby went through a spiritual crisis in her 20s and tried a number of therapies before discovering energy healing, which changed her life for ever.

Learn more at her website,

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