In this free video, Tanishka will share:

  • How an evolved Goddess sees herself. 
  • Common misconceptions about Goddess culture and femininity. 
  • Two simple but highly effective exercises to help you connect with your inner Goddess – one to energise you and one to help you make positive decisions. 
  • The first steps to understanding what it means to live life as a Goddess.  

In the free Goddess Wisdom masterclass series, you will learn:

  • How Tanishka’s life was transformed, from being completely dysfunctional, to empowered and self-accepting through Goddess teachings.
  • What it means to be a Goddess and how this knowledge can change your life.
  • Exercises so that you can start integrating a touch of Goddess magic into your everyday life.
  • How to stay true to the Goddess philosophy of self-care and loving acceptance – even on a bad day.
  • How the moon can influence our moods and how learning to live in alignment with its cycles can bring ease and synchronicity to our lives.

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