Free Video Masterclass with Matteo Pistono

  • How Matteo was inspired to begin his meditation journey, and the experiences and teachings that he has learned from extensive practice and teaching.  
  • What it means to meditate, and the incredible physical and mental benefits that meditation can bring to your life, including: improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of calm and enhanced concentration. Meditation can even help you to achieve weight-loss goals!
  • How to cultivate important mental skills including awareness, mindfulness and deep relaxation.
  • Practical exercises and meditations that you can use as foundations for establishing a daily meditation practice.
  • How meditation can help you to change your relationship to your thoughts, and take control of both internal and external situations.
  • How to develop a focused, calm and sharply attentive mind.
  • Myths and misconceptions surrounding meditation practice.
  • The idea that profound contentment is not always found externally – you will learn to look within your innermost self for consistent and deep contentment.
  • Advice on how to meditate whilst on the go, and a highly effective exercise on meditating as you drink a cup of tea.
  • How to incorporate meditation into a busy life, with suggestions on how to develop a daily meditation practice.
Matteo Pistono

In this free video Matteo will share...

In this free masterclass you will learn...

Highly respected author and meditation teacher Matteo Pistono has immersed himself in the practice and culture of meditation for the past 20 years. He knows from personal experience that the power and gifts of meditation can be life-changing – Matteo was a frustrated political activist when a profound encounter with a hermit set him on the path of learning to know himself in order to help others through meditation. Matteo has trained extensively with eminent meditation teachers in Tibet and now teaches people all over the world how to meditate. 

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